Urban Ag Session 2023- EarthCare for Urban Communities & Shared Places w/Kendra Hoffman


Recording of the Urban Agriculture Session ” Earth Care for Urban Communities and Shared Places” featuring Kendra Hoffman of LadyBug EarthCare. The session was held as part of Delaware Ag Week 2023 sponsored by University of Delaware Cooperative Extension and Delaware Department of Agriculture.

Session Description: How we interact with the land matters, especially in urban environments where green spaces are precious. Join Kendra Hoffman, owner and operator of LadyBug EarthCare, to learn how ethical ecological actions on a small scale make a huge impact for Earth, the Places we call home, and ourselves. In this keynote presentation, we will discuss:

What is EarthCare, where do we practice it, and why does it matter?

How to grow a deeper connection with Earth through simple, actionable practices.

How to stack functions and serve multiple ecological benefits in one small space.

Ways to garden for pollinators + support wildlife safely in urban environments.

This session will leave you feeling inspired by the possibilities for EarthCare as it relates to urban agriculture, and empowered to take small steps that add up to meaningful action for Earth – right in your own backyard and shared community spaces.


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