Nyerians are encouraged to register for the upcoming ultra-marathon, third edition, that will cover 80 kilometres, dubbed the Mountain to Mountain Ultra Marathon in September 2023 organized by Urban Swaras Running Club.

The runners will participate in the marathon, starting from the majestic Mt. Kenya to the beautiful Aberdare ranges while raising awareness of climate change mitigation and tourism in this part of the country. The Urban Swaras Running Club has chosen Nyeri for this particular activity because it is sandwiched between two of Kenya’s five main water towers; the scenic Aberdare ranges and the picturesque Mt. Kenya.

This activity also raises awareness of the need for people to embrace physical activity to combat Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) that have become burdensome to our citizenry. This is also an excellent opportunity to market Nyeri and let its splendour be known as it is the current leading county in forest cover in Kenya at 40.89% and tree cover at 45.17%.


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