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Unfair Dairy | Episode 4 | Squeezed Out: Small Dairy Farmers in Crisis


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There’s a crisis in dairy – shrinking family farms, corporate consolidation, and low milk prices. In Jim Goodman’s four decades of dairy farming, he’s seen the impacts of the push to “get big or get out” first hand. His farm is gone, but he still advocates for a food system that puts people first.

Are you participating in the “fair trade dairy” program? Reach out – we’d love to hear your perspective: info@fairworldproject.org or (800) 631-9980.

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Disparity to Parity: https://disparitytoparity.org/

Family Farm Defenders: https://familyfarmers.org/

Bringing Fair Trade Home to the U.S., written by John Peck: ​​https://familyfarmers.org/?page_id=653


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