Umoja Day One!! Explaining Kwanzaa's history, purpose and practice as a Christian


I recently learned about the history and the development of Kwanzaa the roots and the formation of it. There are many parts to it that I like, and I go to explain my understanding of it. There are parts that I do not like, and I emphasize the power of God and the need for Black people to focus on the power of the Most High and not on the power of the culture.

I was given an opportunity to teach a sculpting class and teach the seven principles, with the seven days and the seven symbols.

Here is my Bio on the Lewis Latimer House Page:
“This year we will create crafts to represent this seven-day holiday in a special way! Kwanzaa honors African African-American culture by intertwining Swahili, symbolic colors, imagery & tradition. Come join all the fun!
Lewis Latimer was a self-proclaimed Renaissance man during the mid 1920s. Not only did he create a career out of self-taught electrical engineering and inventing, he was an artist, poet and instrumentalist. Latimer used art for self-expression and possibly an escape from the reality of discrimination all throughout his life. With this workshop, we pay homage to the beauty of African art. By sculpting pieces in honor of African American culture, we can create an outlet that shows the true meaning of Imani (faith).
Artist Bio: Gregory Valentine has been working with different mediums and materials to create art since he was a child. His father was a carpenter and his mother a school teacher, which gave him the desire to learn and the ability to build functional non-abstract art. He was always interested in artwork, anatomical, mechanical structures, dinosaur animation in stop motion, and cartoon animation. He started designing with Lego bricks, then to clay and cardboard. At seven years old, he became fascinated with the mysteries of science, including paleontology, the study of ancient dinosaurs. He also put his trust in Jesus and learned about the magnificent power of God’s creation and then he sought to understand when did GOD create the dinosaurs? Job 40:15 says, “It was on the sixth day of creation that God made dinosaurs and humans.” This interest led him to study all sciences, including biology, earth science, physics, veterinarian science and later medical sciences. Gregory worked on a dairy farm with over 180 cows to learn the methods of dairy business and work with the on-farm veterinarian, where he desired to go into medical missionary doctor work.”

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