UMEP 6: Climate-sensitive planning (scenario modelling) of outdoor thermal comfort with SOLWEIG


The purpose of this tutorial is to explain how to conduct climate-sensitive scenario planning with SOLWEIG. The video explains how to develop different outdoor thermal comfort scenarios by modelling the effects of four heat mitigation strategies: (1) tree planting, (2) shading devices (buildings and artificial canopies), (3) green roofs and (4) vertical greenery systems (or green walls/facades).

Video Content:
00:00 Recap
01:00 Explaining scenario modelling strategies
06:50 Creating new tree plantings with Tree Generator tool
23:45 Creating new buildings with DSM Generator tool
32:12 Creating shading devices with DSM Generator tool
48:50 Creating a custom land cover raster for each scenario
52:40 Creating green roofs using land cover rasters
36:04 Creating green walls with Tree Generator tool
1:02:00 Preparing spatial and meteo data
1:06:28 Running scenarios in SOLWEIG
1:09:00 Comparing results from both Scenarios


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