UMEP 2: Outdoor Thermal Comfort Modelling – Introducing SOLWEIG for QGIS


This video tutorial introduces SOLWEIG (SOlar and LongWave Environmental Irradiance Geometry model), a tool available in the UMEP plugin for QGIS to estimate mean radiant temperature and peform outdoor thermal comfort analysis.

More info and datasets:

Video Content:
00:00 Intro and input data for SOLWEIG
04:00 Basic concepts for the model
10:10 Adding datasets and checking Coodinate Systems
13:40 Opening the SOLWEIG model for first time
17:39 Sky View Factor calculations
22:11 Wall height and Wall aspect calculations
26:35 Running SOLWEIG by inputing weather data
31:07 Running SOLWEIG by using meteorological data
37:00 Examining outputs with SOLWEIG Analyser
41:10 Examining outputs with Raster Layer Statistics
44:32 Calculating PET and UTCI values using POIs
52:44 Analysing outputs for POIs


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