With the onset of the global pandemic, climate change, natural disasters and population growth, billions of people have now come to the realisation that a lot needs to be done to maintain our needs in terms of food security. VeggiTech’s mission is to ensure that governments, vendors and consumers’ food security needs are met throughout the year through its revolutionary technological advancements that enable them to have multi-grow areas in the form of Hydroponic Farms, Indoor Vertical Farms, Tandem Poly Houses, Green Houses, Net houses and Open Field. That same technology has now enabled Veggitech to create a consumer-friendly VeggiTech Green Station allowing consumers to grow their own plants, herbs and vegetables in the comfort of their own homes.

In line with the recent food security activities following the global pandemic, The UAE Cabinet launched the Emirates Council for Food Security (ECSF) to strengthen the efforts of national authorities to achieve food security, as well as for meeting the Emirates National Food Security Strategy.

VeggiTech from the beginning has been a partner in strengthening the Emirates Food Security Strategy by not only developing technology for the Emirates but also creating educational programs for local farmers in the UAE to improve yield via exclusive technology, internationally recognized research and development team and special nutrient recipes for unprecedented productivity, in addition, VeggiTech is also one of the major suppliers of fruits and vegetables in the country. VeggiTech aims to create a new generation of urban farmers by launching the Green Station.

Enter UAE-born Veggitech with their state-of-the-art home growing system ‘Green station’. This cutting-edge vertical farming technology has been developed to empower the modern farmer and spur sustainable local food production from the comfort of one’s own home.

The Greenstation connects consumers to the Veggitech Horticulturists in live time, making growing effortless and enjoyable, even for beginners. It brings the freshness and tranquillity of nature into any corner of your home.

Veggitech making headways in Urban farming around climate control, nutrient film techniques, and sensing technologies among others are expected to bode well for market growth in the near future, as hydroponic farming solutions offer consumers various ways to monitor and manage their crops with numerous sensors, web platforms, software, and mobile applications.

Customers will now be able to grow fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. These revolutionary indoor growing kits make it possible to grow many edible plants in a small space from the comfort of your own home or office where harsh weather elements and space are not a factor.

The future of gardening and farming is here, as this modern, modular indoor garden fits in any room of any size home or office with this smart garden figuring everything out for you, allowing you to grow your own herbs, veggies and leafy greens all year long without having to worry about every minor detail.

The Green station also provides an educational element for parents, providing outdoor learning from the heart of the child’s own home. The Green station creates a mini garden allowing time and space for children to play and explore whilst in contact with nature. It provides the best outdoor education for children within their own environment, offering enhanced learning experiences and of course fun. The green station is the perfect aid to help children learn, develop and grow. By growing in a hydroponic environment, the “cloak: of using soil is removed- kids will learn how proper nutrition, water, and light help a plant to thrive.

The plants can either be grown using a VeggiTech Special Recipe enriched with a nutrient-cocopeat solution which is a disease-free substance watered with nutrient solution.

Each product will have its own unique QR code so customers can track traceability, the PHI, supply chain, nutritional value, transparency of the soil and the full life cycle analysis of the plant.

This ground-breaking technology quite literally turns your apartment into the garden of Eden, with a fully dedicated customer service team on hand 24/7 to monitor and assist with your plants. Growing herbs and plants has never been easier as green station comes with free home installation and education sessions.

The green station will be available in stores and major online platforms across the region from the 15th of December 2022.

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