U20 Samvaad | Philanthropy & Climate Change with Amita Ramachandran, COO,India Climate Collaborative


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U20 Talks is a series of dialogues with urban sector experts on various urban development challenges faced by cities worldwide. U20 Samvaad, a podcast series under U20 Talks, are conversations with selected professionals and experts on different themes. The theme for February 2023 is “Accelerating Climate Finance.” In the sixth episode of U20 Samvaad, we explore the subject of Philanthropy and Climate Change’, with Amita Ramachandran, COO, India Climate Collaborative (ICC).

In this episode, we explored the topic of philanthropy and how a collaborative can work towards building climate actions to combat climate change. We began with understanding the objective of philanthropy as well as its benefits and challenges. We further dived into how it acts as a risk taking investment in India and World. Ms. Ramachandran then helps us understand the role of ICC and how they are trying to break silos and bring more collaboration to aggregate the efforts in the field of Climate Change. She also helped us understand the various projects being undertaken by the ICC to map the ecosystem. At last, we discussed the future of philanthropy and important skills to work in the field of philanthropy.

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