U20 Samvaad | Funding Climate Innovations with Sameer Shisodia, CEO, Rainmatter Foundation.


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U20 Talks is a series of dialogues with urban sector experts on various urban development challenges faced by cities worldwide. U20 Samvaad, a podcast series under U20 Talks, are conversations with selected professionals and experts on different themes. The theme for February 2023 is “Accelerating Climate Finance.” In the fourth episode of U20 Samvaad, we explore the subject of Funding Climate Innovations with Sameer Shisodia, CEO, Rainmatter Foundation.

We discussed how climate start-ups impact India, the role of institutions, and the future interconnectedness of the solutions for climate change innovations. We started the discussion by understanding the simple meaning of start-ups and the problems, opportunities, and scope of innovation for today’s start-ups and entrepreneurs. Then we discussed the aspects of funding the start-ups and developing an ecosystem. We then talked about the sectors that need climate change innovations, how we can build up according to new challenges, and how the thought process can be taught across different verticals. We further deliberated on the role different kinds of institutions play, the impact of their coming together, and how interconnectedness can be leveraged to develop better solutions.
Further, the discussion moved towards the investment and funding point of view and how organisations can develop solutions for long-term goals. Post that, we spoke about the urban problems, realities of the urban ecosystem, and challenges with the energy-food-water nexus. We also discussed climate solutions’ financial feasibility and viability and looked at it from the ROI (Return on Investment) perspective. Further, we discussed the investment in this ecosystem on a short-term, mid-term, and long-term basis and how behaviour and systematic changes can be brought. Lastly, we discussed the different skill sets required in the field, how things change rapidly, and why you need to learn & unlearn quickly to sustain.

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