U20 Manthan | Accelerating Climate Finance | 27th February 2023


U20 Talks is a series of dialogues with urban sector experts on various urban development challenges faced by cities worldwide. U20 Manthan, a series of thematic online deliberations under U20 Talks are conversations among global experts on critical challenges faced by cities. The theme for February was, “Accelerating Climate Finance”.

In this session, The panel explored various aspects of climate action in urban areas, focusing on building capacities for climate-sensitive infrastructure planning and unlocking private financing sources for infrastructure projects. They also examined the importance of considering nature-based solutions and technologies for resilient infrastructure while considering climate considerations at all city planning levels. The panellists highlighted the need for the financial sector to understand the concept of green finance and consider climate risk as a parameter for evaluation. In addition, they discussed the benefits of mitigating climate change in urban areas by focusing on distributed renewable energy, energy efficiency, and compact and resilient urban development through transit-oriented development. Lastly, the speakers emphasised the significance of user pay systems and meter ownership to make basic urban services sustainable and accessible.

Following were the panellists:
1. Aditya Ramji- Director, India ZEV Research Centre, UC Davis
2. Divya Sharma- Executive Director, Climate Group
3. Hubert Jenny- Former Senior Infrastructure Specialist, Green Fund
4. Shubhashis Dey- Director, Climate Policy & Climate Finance, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

The session was moderated by Ms. Sayli Mankikar, Head, City Climate Alliance, NIUA

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