Tyre Extinguishers: Climate activists deflate tyres to ‘inconvenience SUV owners’


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A radical movement that claims to save world from climate change has declared war on SUV owners, encouraging the public to actively sabotage cars on street. Tire Extinguishers is a protected organization that has built up a worldwide following in recent months, attracting activists some describe as “extremists” who want to rid the roads of these “big and unnecessary” vehicles. The group’s manifesto says that activists should “inconvenience and expense” SUV owners by blowing out their tires wherever possible. “SUVs are larger and heavier than other cars, pollute more and use more fuel,” the group’s website reads. “This makes them a disaster for our climate. International Energy Agency researchers were shocked in 2019 to discover that SUVs are second-largest cause of the global increase in carbon dioxide emissions over past decade, more than transport, aviation, heavy industry and even trucks. Tire Extinguishers even released a brochure and stickers that teach budding saboteurs how to deflate a tire. The group regularly posts photos declaring it illegal at work and putting out tires in the dark. “Our goal is to make it impossible to have a massive 4×4 polluting the world’s urban areas,” the brochure reads. “To do that, we need people everywhere deflating 4×4 tires every week.” The group emphasizes that people must “work in the dark” to avoid getting caught. The group first appeared in UK in March 2022 and has since expanded to other countries including Australia, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and USA. His actions were met with mixed reactions. Some people praised the group for its creativity and commitment to action on climate change. Others criticized the group for vandalism and for putting people’s safety at risk. Tire Extinguishers defended their actions, saying they were necessary to raise awareness of the climate crisis and pressure governments to take action. It was also said that the group is committed to non-violence and will only target SUVs parked in public places. When contacted by News.au, Tire Extinguishers claimed there were “no legal issues” facing the group and said it was Australia’s “next big target”. “Unless SUV owners stay up all night defending their vehicles every night, it’s very difficult to get caught doing this,” a spokesperson said on condition of anonymity. “If someone gets caught, it’s debatable whether what we’re doing is illegal. Police forces in the UK are divided over whether it is a crime to deflate a tire. It may not even meet the punitive harm threshold.” The group says it wants to be a “huge barrier” to those who use “huge lethal vehicles on our streets.” “We are taking this action because governments and politicians have failed to protect us from these gigantic tools,” the spokesperson said. “Everyone hates them except the people who drive.” The group later cited an article from the UK Telegraph as proof that their actions had left a mark on SUV sales. The Tire Extinguishers are a controversial group


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