Turning Waste into Wealth: Crystalline Nanocellulose (CNC) from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB)


NanoQuartz Sdn Bhd’s collaboration with University Malaysia Pahang are crafting an environmental success story by transforming Malaysia’s palm oil waste into Crystalline Nanocellulose (CNC). Utilizing Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB), we have turned an annual environmental challenge into a valuable resource. Our patented proprietary technology streamlines CNC production from 10 to 5 steps, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

CNC emerges as a versatile hero in the materials realm, boasting qualities like high tensile strength, biodegradability, and adaptability across industries. This innovation aligns seamlessly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Acting as a trailblazer, CNC supports SDG 7 and SDG 9 by offering a clean energy alternative and fostering innovation. Beyond profitability, this quest contributes to sustainable urban development (SDG 11) and climate action (SDG 13). NanoQuartz’s commitment to ESG principles fortifies the collaboration, aligning with SDG 17 and establishing a sustainable innovation model.

In this exciting opportunity, Malaysia’s waste management challenges become catalysts for economic growth and environmental sustainability. NanoQuartz is not just storyteller; we are architects of a legacy where cellulose-based advanced materials spearhead Malaysia’s industrial growth. It’s a compelling tale of circular economy magic, transforming waste into a hero for a sustainable future.


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