TUMI2023 Conference | From Car to Care


Transportation planning has centered both the car and the relatively young, non-disabled commuter, at the expense of women, older people, and young children. Just as care work is often invisible, so are care trips in our transportation planning. Care work is highly gendered, with 70 % of caregiving activities shouldered by women and girls globally.
The five panelists at this session of the TUMI2023 Conference Lorena Freitas, Aimée Gauthier, Cyprine Odada, María Fernanda Ramírez Bernal and Anuela Ristani took a deeper look at the mobility of care, why it matters in the face of our climate emergency and growing inequality, and what to do about it. The session included inspiring examples of how partners and cities are advancing their work towards more inclusive mobility and invigorated the participants with a call to action through interactive tools.


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