Tuesday Discussion: Stefan Pauleit (Centre for Urban Ecology and Climate Adaption (ZSK) at TUM)


The Tuesday Discussions bring environmental practitioners such as politicians, leaders in NGOs, and activists to the RCC to discuss topical environmental issues. The guests also offer insights into the application of different environmental qualifications and knowledge in practice. The Tuesday Discussion is open primarily to RCC fellows, members of the Doctoral Program Environment and Society (Proenviron), and students of the Environmental Studies Certificate Program (ESCP).

This week, Professor Stefan Pauleit, Director of the Centre for Urban Ecology and Climate Adaptation (ZSK) at the Technical University Munich, will introduce aspects of his work. The ZSK, founded in 2013, brings together different disciplines and skills in order to understand causes and effects of climate change on cities. Prof. Pauleit’s main interest is in urban ecology and urban land use planning. In recent years he has increasingly turned his focus to climate change adaptation, particularly in Munich.


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