TRUOFA bonding at Lolo Cario's Farm


1st meeting/bonding of TRUOFA members for 2023.

TRUOFA (Tanza Rural and Urban Farmers Association is a NGO, with members from different parts of Tanza Cavite. Some have their own farm, and some are farm and garden enthusiast with small areas and practices urban gardening.

Simpleng gathering lang po ito pambungad ng taon =)
We visit some of members farm to get inspired with their farm and farm practices. Malay nyo magkaron din tayo ng lupain na mapagtaniman someday =)

Vlog Vid by @RedgePinlac and @PartridgeTV
Thanks to kuya Joni for a video clip

*Correction po yung avocado pala ay binili, not from D.A. pero may mga free po na seedling from D.A. pero not the one on this vid. =)


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