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In the paper’s Sunday, Nov,13 edition, section A, you carried the reprint of an article from The New York Times: “Trump angst wracks Republicans as a 2024 announcement looms.” It offered the authors’ viewpoints regarding the negative consequences of former President Trump’s outsize involvement in this year’s primary elections. While I do not disagree with the opinions expressed, they were just that … opinions. I believe this article should’ve been placed in the Opinion section of your newspaper, not the section of the paper that the readers should be able to trust as a reporting of factual occurrences.

— Marilyn Coll, Laguna Beach


Pasadena’s Measure H

Re “Rent control won’t bring down prices in Pasadena” (Nov. 16):

I rarely agree with Larry Wilson’s political opinions. However I think his column was spot on. His conclusion is accurate, rational and factual. I wasn’t previously aware of the nature of the composition of the rental control board; its “crony” selection, obscene compensation and its huge administrative staffing and cost ($5.45 million) for a program that has been proved a failure in every instance.

Thank you, Larry. Once again a prime example of acting upon good intentions without considering the dire consequences.

— Joseph F Paggi Jr., Pasadena


Long Beach street vending and restaurants

Re “City asks for input on street vending as it revamps regulations” (Nov. 13):

It seems we already have street vendors without input whether we want them. Now the city is moving forward to regulate them, for which of course a full-time food truck program coordinator has already been hired. We are only offered an opportunity to respond to a survey on how we want our perspective on location and type of vending in our city. A done deal, it sounds.

I ask: 1. What research has gone into investigating whether we even want them/comparing with cities that have vendors? 2. How will vendors impact the downtown businesses already struggling? 3. Do we think they add beauty to our downtown area or obscure views while driving down Ocean Boulevard.? 4. How will safety be enforced (traffic and health and sanitation)? Is there time to research and re-think if vendors are an asset to our city? Alert to all: take the survey. It is a doozie.

— Randa Pearson, Long Beach


Food innovation

Re “It’s time to rethink food subsidies” (Nov. 13):

In this article the author claims that true food abundance will be achieved by radical innovation in agricultural technology. The author mentions that “subsidies and government handouts” are not the way to achieve true food abundance and instead technology to produce food at a faster and cheaper rate, vertical and urban farming, genetically engineered foods and lab-grown meat is the way.

However, innovation (especially radical innovation), genetically engineering food and vertical and urban farming require government funding and large sums of money. As well as a lot of time and patience to get a project going.

It’s contradictory to say that “subsidies and government handouts” will not produce true food abundance and “radical innovation” will when innovation and technological advancements require the same if not much more time and money.

— Katlyn Morataya, Downey


Voter purges

Because of the antiquated system of purging voter registries, in Orange County there were more than 170,000 ballots sent out than voter names exist on their rolls.

In Los Angeles County (purge ordered by the court but still not complete) no one has even checked for this discrepancy.

Past time to change our laws. If an individual doesn’t vote in the last two general elections, they should be stricken from the register’s records.

This should apply to all counties and go into effect by examining all names on all registries to produce a list for action. If individuals still want to vote, they can simply re-register.

— Hayden Lening, Claremont


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