Transforming Urban Culture | VP & Founding member of Lime: Andrew Savage and I | BS&L #1


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You’d be hard pressed to walk a hundred metres in a major developed city without passing a Lime bike or scooter. The company has had an astronomic rise over the past 5 years, but Andrew Savage’s journey goes far beyond being at the core of Lime’s founding and progress.

From leading campaigns for President Obama and senator-elect Peter Welch to transforming urban mobility, Andrew opens up about what it really takes to impact society on the scale of millions.

Welcome to the place for ideas and individuals, between shadows and light.

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0:00 – Introduction
4:40 – Formative years, motivation
8:38 – Campaigning, communication, propaganda
11:59 – Role of government, the modern State
14:24 – Technology and cultural shifts, mobility
20:18 – Adaptation, public vs. private sectors
24:07 – The climate conversation
27:15 – Sustainability, perspective, problem-solving
29:13 – Lime, making sustainability popular
30:10 – Founding Lime, atmosphere
33:26 – Why is Lime winning? Influences, competition
35:33 – Leading through today’s economy
38:24 – Impacting the public, the rider
40:21 – Dealing with personal hardship at work
42:33 – Leadership through tough times, Covid
45:03 – Impact startups
46:32 – Andrew’s adventure

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