Toyota Urban Cruiser VS Suzuki Grand Vitara


The Toyota Urban Cruiser and Suzuki Grand Vitara are fundamentally identical, but in this video Ashley Oldfield takes you through the visual differences, trim levels and value offering.

We also assess the on-road driving differences between the manual gearbox and automatic transmission, and climb into the back to see just how much space there is.

If you’re wanting to buy a compact SUV that will be affordable to own and run, this is the video for you.

0:00 – Intro
1:15 – Previous generations
1:38 – Toyota Urban Cruiser interior
3:05 – Engine
3:40 – Toyota Urban Cruiser transmission
6:25 – Front design
6:50 – Rear design
7:17 – Boot/trunk
7:58 – Suzuki Grand Vitara rear seats
9:29 – Suzuki Grand Vitara interior
11:10 – Suzuki Grand Vitara transmission
11:55 – Price
12:15 – Warranty and Service Plan
13:00 – Resale value
13:30 – Conclusion

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