Top Ten Business Strategies 2023


As 2023 gets underway, several items deserve increased attention for farm businesses. FBFM presents a Top 10 list of forward looking strategies to consider for a successful year. Changes in cost, income, inflation, tax laws, and estate planning are some key topics discussed. Webinar was presented by Bob Rhea and Brad Zwilling of Illinois FBFM on Tuesday, 21 February 2023.

00:00 Introduction
01:08 Changes in Tenancy Raises Risk
06:39 Uncertainty of farm income
10:40 Know Non-Farm Costs
14:24 Inflation Impacts Bottom Line
21:21 Growing Debt Needs Attention
28:40 Do Things to Get Better
30:40 Increased Interest rates Increased Transition cost
35:36 Use favorable tax rules by 2026
40:10 Beef Up Estate Plan
45:03 New Economy Inflation
47:51 Conclusion
49:51 Q & A and Sponsors


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