Top 10 Most Profitable Farming Business in the Philippines per Return on Investments % Hectare 2020


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This video shows The New List of Top 10 Most Profitable Farming Business in the Philippines per Hectare | Peso Return. The lists are base from Return on investments (ROI %) and the Net Profit-Cost Ratio. It’s the amount earned by the farmer for every peso spent in the production in one hectare of crops, vegetables, and fruits commodities. Fisheries not included.

Please watch this video and you will get to know the following ideas:

– The highest Return on Investments (ROI%)
– The highest Net Profit Cost
– The Gross Returns per hectare
– The profitable lists of Crops, Fruits and Vegetables

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“The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.” – Warren Buffet
Disclaimer: The information provided based in Updated Production Costs
and Returns of Selected Agricultural Commodities is a publication of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) released as of September 2020. Please note that you are still responsible for your own investment decisions and this video made for educational purposes only. I just summarized it to help you before venturing into this business. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for our next profitable video next week.

If you wish to get the data of Summary of Updated Average Costs of Production,
Selected Commodities, Philippines, 2019.

The link is available from here

Material Resources:

📕 PDF Book – The Updated Productions Costs and Returns of Selected Agricultural Commodities.

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