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Growing MUSHROOMS for a living is an ambition for many of us!

In this video we share the Top 10 business mistakes that we see mushroom growers make, and our tips on how to avoid them.
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At GroCycle, we’ve been growing mushrooms for more than 13 years, and we now run a thriving business making and selling thousands of mushroom kits, as well as running our online course that helps people all around the world to set up and run small scale mushroom farms.

01:34 1) Overcomplicating Things
03:15 2) No Vision or Plan
04:44 3) Not Having Any Goals or Targets
06:04 4) Not Using Systems
07:55 5) Keeping Poor Data and Records
08:55 6) Poor Time Management
12:00 7) Not Focussing on Marketing
14:22 8) Being Overly Optimistic
16:21 9) Giving Up Too Soon
17:53 10) Not Investing in Yourself
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