This is How Cities Cause Climate Change


Devastating floods in Western Europe and China, heatwaves, wildfires, and drought in North America are some of the most recent examples of extreme weather events linked to climate change. At the heart of climate change is the increasing global average temperatures due to rising greenhouse gases produced by human activity primarily due to the combustion of fossil fuels.
For the first time in history, human civilization is living under an atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration of over 410 ppm.

Climate change is already affecting millions of people. More than half of the global population lives in urban areas, which concentrate most of industrial, trade and service activities. Hence, cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. However, there is an inequality of emissions coming from cities in different countries. This is due to the inequality in consumption and production of goods. About 63% of current emissions come from mainly cities in developing countries due to their economic growth. Cities and climate change are inextricably connected.

Urban climate change is an increasingly important issue. Climate change and the future of cities is dependent on how we control urban emissions.

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