This Farming Can Make Future Sustainable | Urban Farming Benefits | Namita Pandey


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Urban farming is growing food for individual use or sharing; urban agriculture primarily focuses on selling the products produced.
Numerous initiatives and activities for food production are included in urban farming. People are also rediscovering agriculture by growing their food and going to farmer’s markets due to the recent comeback of agriculture in and around cities.
Urban farming is a rapidly expanding phenomenon that can support local economies and build communities.
Urban gardening is well-known for several factors: price, convenience, health, and sustainability.
Urban agriculture takes many forms, including growing in vacant lots, parks, rooftops, and backyards.
Numerous approaches exist for urban farming to promote the health of individuals and communities, from supplying communities with fresh vegetables to fostering a sense of belonging, creating jobs, and promoting healthy lives.
It combines several communal advantages, from production to processing to distribution. People use these products for individuals, businesses, institutions, schools, and nonprofit organisations.

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