Think about future Earth and Your Child!


Pollution from fossil fuels, Pollution from cutting down trees, Pollution from these factories, Pollution from the loss of our forests, Pollution from these urban structures, from the rapid march of Human Pollution becomes a question of the Future. Think about your future dream, car, travel, digital innovation, artificial intelligence, science and your unborn child ❗

#SaveNatute #savenature #savwnaturalresources #forest #planttrees #EndFossilFuels #stopfossilfuels #DontDigFoasilFuels #fossilfuel #globalwarming #pollution #climatechange

Geethika Venkatesan
International Young Climate and Environmental Activist and Global Climate Awareness Campaigner 🔥 We are living under the shadow support of nature, but nature is not living behind the support of human beings. 🌳


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