They Cured Cancer? (Freestyle Good News #1) #shorts


I think they finally cured cancer
Eighteen took a pill and remission came right after
California getting naloxone manufactured
Cappin insulin at 30 dollars tryna fight all these pharmaceutical scalpers

Congress got us thinking bout a four day work week
Food Forest a marvel for the climate in AZ
Hard to find sneaks for a size 23 teen
Puma about to make em something custom for both feet

Pichardo swinging big, first woman playin D1 Baseball,
They ordered phone companies to block all the scam calls
Free school meals in minessota a state law
Say hi to the new baby warthog

at the Dallas zoo, evictions in Kansas City’ll challenge you
But Kansas City bringing attorneys for you battle through
Whitmer signed protections for rights of the LGBTQ
And I just got a brand new channel to fucking rap the news let’s go

Produced by: Cory Ray, Philip DeFranco
Edited by: Christian Meeks, Zaid Tabani
Art Department: William Crespo
Lyrics and Performance by: Zaid Tabani
Music Produced by: ThatKidGoran

#Cancer #goodnews #lgbtq #goodnewstoday


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