The World's Largest Worm Farm (You've Never Heard Of)


Video Summary: Steve explains how BioFiltro cleans dairy wastewater using massive beds of wood chip, bacteria and worms in what may be the largest worm farm in the world

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Video Timeline:
0:00 Start of Video
0:28 How BioFiltro uses a massive “worm farm” to clean wastewater from dairy farms and wineries
0:51 A quick summary of BioFiltro’s installation at Royal Dairy which houses 13,000 head of cattle
1:34 How most dairy farms use lagoons to treat wastewater
2:29 How BioFiltro’s filtration beds are built
3:26 How BioFiltro’s installations help farms avoid methane emissions by aerobically digesting the solids from watewater
5:03 How cows walk themselves into the milking facilities
5:55 How much of Royal Dairy’s acreage is dedicated to manure management vs milking and housing the cows
6:45 Why I became interested in BioFiltro for their worms and worm castings

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