The US Water Crisis: BIPOC Media Fighting Climate Change in 2023


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In this episode, we sit down with experts to unpack the truth about the US water crisis and how climate change in 2023 plays a role.

📚 Episode Overview
Welcome to another episode of our monthly series with URL Media, Meet the BIPOC Press. Today, we’re uncovering the truth about the US water crisis that’s happening beneath our feet, yet remains largely unnoticed by many Americans. From the sinking lands of California’s Central Valley to the depleting aquifers nationwide, we’re at a critical point. Join us as we discuss the urgent need for sustainable water management, the role of climate change in 2023, and how BIPOC media is bringing a unique perspective to this crisis.

📺 Why You Should Watch
– Gain a deeper understanding of the truth about the US water crisis that’s affecting us all, but hitting marginalized communities the hardest.
– Learn about the innovative solutions and policies that could turn the tide in the US water crisis and mitigate the effects of climate change in 2023.

🔹 Key Topics Covered:
1️⃣ The Vanishing Aquifers: Unveiling the alarming rate at which aquifers are depleting. What does this US water crisis mean for agriculture and urban areas?
2️⃣ Climate Change News: How is climate change exacerbating water scarcity and flooding? What are the latest updates in climate change 2023 discussions and climate change news?
3️⃣ BIPOC Media’s Unique Lens: Why are BIPOC media’s coverage of the water crisis different, and what fresh perspectives are they uplifting in their reporting?
4️⃣ Climate-Friendly Solutions: What are the innovative, climate-friendly solutions that could help manage our dwindling water resources?
5️⃣ Marginalized Communities at Risk: How is the US water crisis disproportionately affecting marginalized communities, and what needs to be done to address this?
6️⃣ Policy & Governance: What role do policies and governance play in water management, and what are experts saying about the future? Could a new Farm Bill help, and what are people hoping to see in this legislation?
7️⃣ Expert Insights: Hear from our guests who are following water conservation and climate change research. What are their recommendations for sustainable water management?

Warigia Bowman: Professor, College of Law, University of Tulsa
Andrew Hazzard: Climate Reporter, Sahan Journal
S. Mitra Kalita: Co-Founder, URL Media; CEO & Publisher, Epicenter-NYC

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