The Truth Behind Persona 4's MEAT OBSESSION (Japanese Context Explained)


Whether it be via Chie, or one of the many townsfolk, the topic of meat, especially beef, was never in short-supply in Persona 4. Some of the biggest “attractions” in town included Aiya’s Mega Beef Bowl and Souzai Daigaku’s steak croquettes. So what exactly was up with the meat in Inaba…?
To answer this, I go over the historic 1200 year ban on meat (mostly due to Shinto & Buddhist beliefs) in Japan, and the mad cow disease scare that was going on in the early-mid 2000s in the country.

0:00 Intro
1:04 1200-yr ban on meat (Shinto & Buddhist beliefs explained)
7:47 Mad Cow Disease
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LINKS TO SOURCES (chronologically for each section):
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Japan’s History with Meat (Shinto & Buddhist background)
Europe’s Geography & Food production/Cattle
Meiji Restoration & Lifting the meat ban
Japan Meat Consumption growth

Mad Cow found in Japan (2001)
Mad Cow and vCJD Fast Facts/Timeline
JP Bans on Beef Imports
Japanese Man Dies from vCJD (2005)
Study on Japan’s Anxiety over Media’s Mad cow coverage (2009)
BSE Overview in Japan



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