The People Are Fleeing This Russian Region | Kalmykia: Depopulation, Devastation and Drought


Kalmykia is a mysterious region that most Russians don’t seem to know! What’s so unique about it? Well, to start with, it’s the only region in Europe where Buddhism is the main religion. It’s also one of the very few places in Russia that doesn’t have good access to drinking water – something we all need. It has a great history and interesting traditions so there are lots of opportunities to develop tourism but that doesn’t seem to be in the officials’ plans. Want to find out why? Check out my new video!

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00:00:00 Welcome to Kalmykia!
00:05:13 Traditions and the yurt
00:07:58 Abandoned houses in the region’s capital
00:10:48 Kalmyk Culture
00:11:28 What do the locals think about Russians?
00:13:08 Is it really that bad?
00:13:46 Low salaries and who is to blame?
00:15:37 There’s no hope among the Kalmyks
00:21:16 The creation of Chess City
00:28:32 European centre of Buddhism
00:31:00 Mayor from Donbass
00:36:19 No drinking water in Russia!
00:39:39 Elista’s urban environment
00:42:44 Oil companies building playgrounds!
00:45:05 The Friendship Park that’s not so friendly
00:47:27 The region that’s found a time machine
00:49:54 A lonely bus
00:54:27 Official tongue twisters
00:56:28 Russia without rubbish? Impossible!
00:57:26 A useless fence
00:59:00 Kickboxing training with the Head of Kalmykia
01:04:31 What can Kalmykia be proud of?
01:05:55 Solar panels are the future!
01:07:47 What do horses have to do with tourism?
01:09:42 Traditional food, music and beverages
01:15:18 Depopulation – the biggest problem
01:16:22 Advice from a Muscovite
01:20:12 Conclusion


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