The man who designed Berlin | Unseen Berlin


It’s a story of an man who made a beautiful plan that shaped Berlin for the next 200 years. I tell this story in one of most beautiful & hidden private street/courtyard of the German capital.

Also, I eat a Döner.

If you were shocked by my German accent impersonation, just watch “Highlander” again: Scottish Sean Connery plays a Spanish knight alongside French Christophe Lambert who plays a Scottish guy. Now that’s shocking.

Location of one of the most beautiful courtyard and only private streets in Berlin:

………….. Hello, I’m Bastien and you are watching Unseen Berlin …………

Unseen Berlin is a series of short videos about lesser-known things in Berlin. Even Berlin-born residents sometimes don’t know about them. They are made by a long-term Berlin resident (me, yes).

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