The Line Mega-City Breaks Ground: Reality or Smoke & Mirrors?


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When news about the radical “Line City” first broke, it raised as many questions as it did answers. Why build a city in the middle of a desert, why a line? Mirrored walls? Taking in pieces it seems a little crazy, but there’s a lot to this story, and now that they’ve officially broken ground and started the project, I think it’s time we dig deeper into NEOM and Why it just might matter to us all. What insights and lessons learned might apply to the cities of tomorrow? The Line Mega-City Breaks Ground: Reality or Smoke & Mirrors?

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00:00 Introduction
00:53 Oil Dependence
01:12 Plans for the Future
03:10 The How
04:18 Transportation
06:50 Renewable Energy Powered!
07:31 Food?
08:05 Weird Features
08:42 Strategic Benefits
09:33 Why Mirrored Walls?
10:33 Why a Line?
11:34 Bent Line?
12:18 Food Challenges
13:19 Other Challenges
14:09 Conclusions

what we’ll cover
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