The Intersection of Climate Change and Infrastructure


2022 marks the anniversaries of two unprecedented climate events—Hurricane Ida and Superstorm Sandy—both of which had a significant impact on the operation of the basic infrastructure required for the functioning of everyday life. They represent two types of extreme weather flooding events—pluvial and coastal—but other climate change-related effects, like extreme heat, sea-level rise, and drought, are also becoming more prevalent in dense, urban areas like New York City. This panel addresses the impact of climate change on infrastructure, specifically what to consider when tackling its complexities, which interventions are actually working, and how to develop and operate resilient infrastructure that can support a functioning urban environment.

Keith Masback | Strategic Advisor at
B.J. Jones | President & CEO of Battery Park City Authority
Cortney Koenig Worrall | President & CEO of the Waterfront Alliance

Karen Appell | Climate Adaptation Lead at AECOM Metro NY

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