The geometry of the urban fabric and distancing


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A hub-talk with Dr.Djamel Ouahrani, Associate Professor at Qatar University.
The geometry of the urban fabric greatly influences the micro climate and thus affects the thermal comfort of persons in the urban environment. Urban micro-climate also indirectly affects the indoor climate. Poor adaptation of urban environments can result in a greater need for active Air Conditioning and, thus, increased energy use. Climate-conscious urban design studied the urban climate in Fès, both in a traditional, densely built neighborhood and in a relatively new, low density area. The maximum temperature in the traditional neighborhood was up to10°C lower than in the modern, both during the winter and the summer.

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Dr. Djamel Ouahrani earned the PhD degree in 2000 at Lund University Sweden with a dissertation on day-lighting and thermal effects of windows in desert houses. He is the founder of energy efficiency and energy building design Lab at Qatar University. He was appointed as adjunct professor at American University of Beirut for the master course in Applied Energy.
He has worked as Lecturer, researcher and co-responsible of postgraduate course “Architecture, Energy and Environment”, at Lund University, Sweden. Also, he has worked as a practicing architect both in Algeria and Sweden. He designed several buildings including the mosque of Uppsala in Sweden.
He has conducted research and consultancy work in Sweden, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. He was project leader in Consultancy project in Jordan. As Researcher, he published several papers in Q1 ranked journals. He is always striving to link architecture practice to academia and research for a better-built environment. His main research interest is technology support to deliver sustainable building with focus in energy efficiency of buildings in terms of reducing heating / cooling loads and efficient use of daylight using intensively computer modeling and simulations, fields measurements.
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