The Future of Plant Lighting – Supporting Commercial Urban Agriculture


– High-density urban farmers need the right amount of photons on every plant.

– Hot-spots and cold-spots can impact crop quality and consistency.

– Lighting accounts for up to 30% of capital costs and 25-30% of operational costs to run an indoor farm.

– Even seemingly small changes in lighting can have a huge impact on yield, quality, cycle time and energy efficiency.

– Plants grow vertically over time and the economics of urban farming require the maximization of volumetric space.

– That means we need to think of lighting plants in three dimensions and that precision plant lighting is critical to farm profitability.

– SpectraGrow Precision LED Systems leverage optically engineered materials and 3D simulation tools to uniformly distribute – both horizontally and vertically – the optimal quantity of photons.

– Helping to create a world where commercial urban agriculture is economically feasible.

– Ask us for a 3D Plant Light Map of your project!

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