The Future of Farming | Agriculture Technology -Urban Farming| (2020)


This is our Future of Farming. In this video we showcase 5 latest technology in Farming which are set to change the Traditional Farming Methods and Promote Urban Farming. This tech will be the future of farming. This Innovative and Latest Agriculture Technology will provide Food Security and Sustainability in the Future.
The future of Farming is set to change with use of this innovative agriculture Technologies. This future of farming will Definetely will be more profitable and sustainable.

This 5 latest technologies includes which shall boost Urban Farming are –
1. Robotic Farm by Iron OX
2. Agriculture Drone by DJI Agras T16-
3. Vertical farm by Aero Farm-
4. Aqua Ponics
5. Nano Farm

1. Robotic Farm by Iron OX-
2. Agriculture Drone by DJI Agras T16-
3. Vertical farm by Aero Farm-
4. Aqua Ponics-
5. Nano Farm
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