The Future of Energy: Energy Transition, New Energy Solutions and Climate Change


The world’s energy landscape is changing. The energy systems we have relied on have created challenges for the global environment and communities. Addressing climate change and finding new clean and sustainable energy solutions are among the highest priorities for Canada and the world. As the world transitions from fossil fuels and moves towards decarbonization, new energy sources such as hydrogen and other renewable energy will power our day-to-day lives. Adoption of new energy sources and technologies will require a collective understanding and international collaboration to tackle all the challenges, including their environmental and societal impacts.

The University of Alberta (U of A) has played a key role in Alberta’s and Canada’s energy sector since the discoveries that unlocked Alberta’s oil sands in the 1920s. A century later, U of A ranks first in Canada in energy publications and fourth in the world in hydrocarbon publications, and stands among the top 35 institutions worldwide for publications on all energy systems. It is home to Canada’s largest energy research cluster—Future Energy Systems—launched in 2016 with $75 million from the Government of Canada’s Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF), to help Canada transition to a low net-carbon energy economy. U of A is also currently leading a consortium of Canadian universities in a 2022 CFREF application for a research program on “Energy Systems Transitions, Resilience and Climate Change (ESTRCC)”.

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is jointly organizing a workshop on January 9, 2023 with University of Alberta and High Commission of Canada in New Delhi to demonstrate Canada and U of A’s leadership in the areas of energy transition, new energy solutions and climate change, and the advanced work being done by higher education institutions and industry in these fields.
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