The First Virtual Asia Biometeorology Colloquium 2023


The First Virtual Asia Biometeorology Colloquium 2023 features seven speakers (Dr. Perrine Hamel (keynote), Dr. Veerasamy Sejian (keynote), Dr. Dayi Lai, Ayushi Sharma, Dr. Silpa M.V., Dr. Shreya Banerjee, Dr. Hardik Gajjar) presenting their research on human, animal, and plant biometeorology in the Asia region.

00:00:00-00:07:00 Introduction
00:08:00-00:44:00 Perrine Hamel “Towards climate resilient cities in Asia Pacific. The role of nature-based solutions in enhancing climate resilience”
00:45:00-01:23:00 Veerasamy Sejian Climate change and Livestock production: impact and technologies for sustenance”
01:24:00-01:37:00 Dayi Lai “Inverse design of comfortable microclimate in outdoor space based on genetic algorithm”
01:38:00-01:49:00 Ayushi Sharma “Assessment of El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) based-climate variability and associated diarrhea risk: A comparative study in Asia Pacific countries”
01:50:00-02:05:00 Silpa M.V. “Transcriptomic and epigenetic response of caprine skin to thermal stress: novel approach to assess climate resilience”
02:06:00-02:19:00 Shreya Banerjee “How do socio-cultural factors affect human biometeorology in the Global South”
02:20:00-02:32:00 Hardik Gajjar “Building thermal performance and thermal comfort assessment of vernacular and modern architectures in semi-arid climate”


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