The effects of climate change on rural to urban migration


As climate change diminishes the ability to make a living in rural villages, there has been increasing pressure for people to seek economic opportunity in cities, creating a trend of migration from rural to urban areas. However, a number of rural residents in Vermont and Bhutan are resisting the pressure to migrate to the city for a multitude of reasons.

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A part of the video series for Weaving Strands of Knowledge, an international collaboration promoting conversations on global sustainability by bringing together personal narratives of climate change with community knowledge and climate science.

Weaving Strands of Knowledge is a collaboration between the Montshire Museum of Science, the Folk Heritage Museum of Bhutan (administered by the Tarayana Cultural Foundation), the University of New Hampshire, and Royal Thimphu College of Bhutan. This collaboration was made possible by the Museums Connect program, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs managed by the American Alliance of Museums.


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