The Climate Crisis Is Not Gender Neutral, Especially In The Global South


Panel Discussion || Charting an Inclusive and Sustainable Future: Bridging the Climate-Health-Gender Nexus || In a world that still bears the scars of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact, the imperative for a unified global health agenda has never been more palpable, acknowledged by influential forums like the G20. Yet, as we grapple with the enduring consequences of this global crisis, another equally relentless force is at play – climate change. It is not merely altering landscapes; it is redrawing the boundaries of vulnerability and exacerbating health disparities on a global scale. Moreover, both climate change and health inequalities disproportionately affect women, necessitating a gender conscious approach to resolving these interlinked challenges.

How does climate change impact developing economies already struggling with insufficient healthcare systems? Which communities are the most impacted?

How can the climate and health challenge be tackled in a cohesive manner while also accounting for the specific impacts of this nexus on women?

What can multilateral forums such as the G20 and COP28 play in identifying solutions for resolving the climate-health-gender nexus?

Jacqueline Kitulu, Chairperson of the Board, Rocket Health, Kenya
Sonam Yangchen, Chief Research Coordinator, Institute of Health Partners, Bhutan
Victoria Panova, Vice Rector, HSE University; Russian W20 Sherpa
Mahjabeen Khaled, Former Member of Parliament, Bangladesh

Sarah Mosoetsa, CEO, Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa

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