Anan Xola Lololi is a Food Sovereignty & Food Justice advocate, and vegan (44 years). Anan is one of the founders of the Afri-Can FoodBasket (AFB) a non-profit Food Justice & Food Sovereignty organization that began in 1995 in Toronto. He has been the executive director of AFB for 26 years promoting Community Food Security, Food Sovereignty, and Food Justice in Toronto, North America, and the Caribbean.

Anan has a master’s degree in environmental studies from York University with a focus on Community Food Security and a diploma in Business Administration from Centennial College. Anan is presently a Research Associate Fellow @ Ryerson University & Chair of the Black Food Sovereignty Toronto Working Group.

He was an executive and founder member of the Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative based in Milwaukee, was an executive and founder member of the Community Food Security Coalition of North America –outreach & diversity committee, board member of the City of Toronto Food Policy Council, past Chair of Food Secure Canada Diversity Working Group, administrative and food policy consultant of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, past Committee Member of Toronto Region and Conservation Authority Humber Watershed Alliance1, and was a food policy and urban agriculture consultant for FoodShare Toronto. Anan had also been appointed to the Sustain Ontario2 Advisory Council. Anan since 2018 has founded the Black Food Sovereignty Initiative Toronto and has been its program coordinator since that time.

He is a food sovereignty community consultant with the City of Toronto’s Confronting Anti-Black Racism unit (CABR)
He has lectured across Canada, the US, and in the Caribbean on community food security and food justice.

Anan’s main body of work of recent has been focused on Black Food Sovereignty in Toronto. To date, he has personally worked with 2 urban farms as farm manager and trained over 50 Black Farmers, and has animated over 100 community/backyard gardens, and engaged over 1,200 gardeners in Toronto in community garden animation and leadership training.


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