The Bee Path City of Bergamo, Italy: Everybody Acts Together for a Bee and Pollinator-Friendly City


Bergamo is aiming to become a more and more bee-friendly city with green infrastructure that is suitable for supporting pollinators but also aesthetically beautiful and functional from an ecosystem point of view. In addition, since we are a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy, locally produced honey is of great value to them.

Citizens live in the city and can change it
if they act to help pollinators and green infrastructure.

Gabriele Rinaldi, director of the Bergamo Botanic Garden

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Bergamo was one of nine EU cities, covering the majority of the different climate conditions for beekeeping, various types of bees, as well as different situations related to the perception of bees among the general public that were seeking to understand, adapt, re-use and upgrade the inspiring Ljubljana’s (Slovenia) ‘Bee Path’ practice.

The transfer process in Amarante (Portugal), Bansko (Bulgaria), Bergamo & Cesena (both Italy), Bydgoszcz & Sosnowiec (both Poland), Hegyvidek (Budapest, Hungary), Nea Propontida (Greece) and Osijek (Croatia) turned into a cities movement. You can find videos with their urban stories on our YouTube channel.

The movement in those cities evolved into the Bee Path Cities network – a network of urban authorities that have come together under the shared vision of creating cities that are good for pollinators and therefore good for people. It is now open to all urban authorities in Europe and around the world.

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The evolution is based on BeePathNet and BeePathNet-Reloaded networks supported by the European cooperation programme ‘URBACT’ ( and started in 2018.


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