Tartu climate assembly | Teele Pehk & Maiu Lauring


Teele Pehk is leading the organizing of climate assemblies at the Green Tiger Foundation (Estonia) to enrich decisionmaking around the environmental challenges of today. She is an experienced democracy artist who has worked at the Open Knowledge Estonia, the Estonian Cooperation
Assembly, the Estonian Urban Lab (Linnalabor) and with many initiatives at the crossroads of civil society, democracy, and governance.

Maiu Lauring is a civic society expert and impact analyst. She has served as a civil society analyst at the think tank Praxis, directed the annual Opinion Festival (Estonian democracy festival) and served as a member of National Foundation of Civil Society. Currently Maiu works at the Green Tiger Foundation on initiating and implementing climate assemblies in Estonia.

In April and May 2022, a mini-Tartu of fifty-five inhabitants gathered over two weekends to learn about the climate and sustainable mobility goals of Tartu, hear experts and stakeholder groups and deliberate on solutions. Sixty-six recommendations on calming traffic, creating more space
for pedestrians and bikers, as well as preserving and increasing biodiversity in Tartu were made to the town hall. The assembly was organised by the Green Tiger and Tartu town.

Recording from FIDExRohetiiger Autumn School on Deliberative Democracy in Tartu, 12-14 October 2022.


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