syntropic agroforestry course of 6 videos


Do you want to study syntropic agroforestry but you don’t have time to follow a hands-on course? It is now possible to participate in a video course in your own sweet time! Or there aren’t syntropic courses in the area you live? With this course location is of no importance anymore!

Syntropic agroforestry can be practiced anywhere on earth, regardless the climate or soil conditions. Although the crops and trees might differ, the principles are the same everywhere.

Sofar we have published 4 of the 6 videos.

Video 1: general background about syntropic agroforestry, natural succession, a brief introduction to the 5 principles and also some footage about the Urban syntropic agroforestry farm in Nairobi from start to 11 months

Video 2 deals with economic opportunities of saf, and goes in very deep detail about the first principle which is to keep the soil covered always

Video 3 explores in depth the second and third principles, maximization of photosynthesis and stratafication. Also you will learn how to create your own design

Video 4 is a practical step-by-step implementation of a syntropic agroforestry farm and also deals with the 4th principle succession and continues with the designing process

As a participant you are granted lifelong Q and A. In the 6 th Video we will discuss all the questions that participants already asked.

About 90 % of all footage has been shot in Africa, be it Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Ghana. The rest of the footage has been shot in the Caribbean Islands Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire

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