Synapcity Sessions Community Food Security : Akil Mesiwali


We were delighted to have Box of Life founder Akil Mesiwali speak at our Community Food Security Session on Food Waste.

Akil is the founder of The Box Of Life and a climate advocate. He created The Box of Life because he believes that the humble composting earthworm can reshape our relationship with food and rekindle our love for nature in the urban world. He started composting with the intent of reducing his landfill contribution (organic matter rotting in landfills releases methane and contributes to 3% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions). Since then he has learnt that compost is also very important for soil health and when added to soil can sequester atmospheric CO2 and lock it beneath our feet.
What started out as an at-home vermi-composting experiment a few years ago has now turned into a full time profession that he is really passionate about!

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