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Check out the highlights and key insights from the Symposium on Smart Cities’ Positive Impact on Climate Change, held at Ramada Hotel Islamabad. In this informative video, Chief Executive Abid Kabir Cheema from Silicone Village introduces the concept of Climate Resilient Smart Tech City and its practical implementation on the ground.

The symposium brought together a diverse range of experts, including academics, legal professionals, social change advocates, and leaders from the real estate and development industry. Notably, foreign dignitaries from various embassies in Islamabad, such as Mr. Kelly Ryan, the Public Diplomacy Officer, and Mr. Austin McKinney (ESTH), the Economic Officer from the U.S. Embassy, also shared their insights.

Watch as Mr. McKinney highlights the groundbreaking “Green Alliance” Framework initiated by Ambassador Blome during his impactful speech. Discover how this framework aims to foster sustainable practices and encourage global collaboration in combating climate change.

Stay tuned to this video to gain valuable knowledge about the innovative ideas discussed at the symposium and learn how smart cities can play a pivotal role in mitigating climate change. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking event that explores the intersection of technology, sustainability, and urban development.

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