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SUPERSOIL 🌱 Is This The Future Of Farming and Home & Allotment Gardening 🌱 #SUPERSOILIU21


I have been kindly set this Supersoil from Scott at Cuckoo Cottage to try on my allotments so let’s get started, here is the link to supersoil https://www.supersoil.ie

Digwell Greenfingers, Babette who is in the garden, Bill and Val’s allotments and CB’s Greenhouse and Garden.

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Square foot gardening, no dig raised beds, pallet collars, giant vegetables, poly tunnel and greenhouse gardening and fruit trees and bushes, small container Growing, Self Sufficiency.

Whousewe Solar Fence & Wall Lights
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MEKA Potato Grow Bags .
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Caveen Potato Grow Bags Amazon link https://amzn.to/35POC2G Valid for the two pack only.

The MarsHydro FC3000 Amazon links and Amazon Stores are below.

Mars Hydro FC3000

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Mars Hydro US Store https://www.amazon.com/marshydro
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MarsHydro TS1000 information and my personal review Amazon short links are,

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MarsHydro Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent For Indoor Plant Growing my personal review Amazon short links for the 70 x 70 x 160 are,

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MarsHydro SP150 my personal review Amazon short links are

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MarsHydro TS600 information and my personal review Amazon short links are

US: Amazon https://amzn.to/2lJ3sDB
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At this time of writing Sansi are doing some offers so check those out.
20% Discount Code can only be used on their official website 20GROW https://uk.sansiled.com/

15w grow light bulb https://uk.sansiled.com/15w-led-grow-light-bulb-a21.html

36w grow light bulb https://www.amazon.co.uk/SANSI-Pflanzenlampe-Zimmerpflanzen-Pflanzenlicht-Wachstumslampe/dp/B082PSBP68

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