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Success Story Of Hydrogrower Mr. Bappaditya Gayen (Midnapore, West Bengal)


🍀 Heartiest congratulations to our hydrogrower Mr.Bappaditya Gayen From Midnapore, West Bengal who has harvested Spinach in DWC setup 🍀

By profession he is an Engineer and very much interested in farming.
He wants to do something new in the Farming Industry.
While surfing about Farming on social media he came to know about Entwurf Innovation.

He enrolled in the course and it was very easy for him to grasp the course study quickly.
Inner Circle Meeting motivated him and his doubts queries were solved by Aroona More Mam.

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He started his project with a Dwc setup and successfully harvested spinach.

Now he is growing Tomatoes🍅, chilly & lettuce by using Dutch bucket and DWC setup in his balcony🥬

His Hydroponics Farming experience is so amazing that in daily busy life this keeps his mind fresh.
He would love to share his experience with the community also.
His Family is very much happy for having delicious, healthy and pesticide free vegetables in daily life.

Let us congratulate him for a successful first hydroponic harvest.👏👏👏
We wish him all the very best👍 for his goals in the expansion of this project.

🍀 Mr Bappaditya Gayen Sir, Team Entwurf wishes you a Happy Hydroponics Journey.😊🍀

Mrs. Aroona More- the first female hydroponic farmer of Maharashtra, is the missionary educator of poison-free India. She looks at Entwurf hydroponics as pioneering the way for community farming for making urban agriculture a real solution to the problem of food insecurity & food access in this country.
If you wish to walk you through an intensive “hydroponics Farming Model” that every 21st-century farmer/entrepreneur are using to create a profitable farming business independent of land size and climatic/ soil conditions, follow us on the following platforms:

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