Storm Surge Advisory Map for Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment CDRA


This video is the actual demonstration of making the Storm Surge Map.
This video is not edited for the purpose of awareness and authentic procedure.
The output of this video is subject for evaluation and approval of Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development. Changes and correction will follow for final output.
This only serves as reference and guide for beginners.

Storm Surge Map


1. Go to
2. Go to Downloads, It will direct you to 3 folders downloadable
3. Select Storm Surge
4. Open Storm Surge Advisory (SSA)1
5. Select your Place
6. Download all
7. Repeat Process up to SSA 4
8. Open QGIS and Add Vector layer (select all SSA)
9. Add Vector Layer of Boundary (Municipal or Barangay)
10. Click Vector -Geoprocessing Tools – Clip
11. Input Layer in the selected SSA and Overlay Layer
is the Boundary
12. Click Run or in Clipped save to file
13. If you only click run temporary file will be added.
14. Right Click the Temporary file – export – Save Feature
15. Repeat the process for all SSA
16. Color depends on how you present the map


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