Steven Cornett on Regenerative Urban Farming


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In this episode, I talk to Steven Cornett, from Nature’s Always Right, a regenerative urban farmer in Lemon Grove, San Diego. Eight years ago, Steven and his friend, Jared, started a farm together with no experience. After leaving the US and a year-and-a-half stint in South Korea, he realized that he missed his passion…farming! He came back to the states and worked with Jared again but soon decided to start his own farm. He’s been working diligently to scale his farm and is now moving it across the country to TN. In This Episode: How Steven uses Korean natural farming principles for organic farming What’s involved in moving his farm across the country How Steven prioritizes what he needs to do as a mostly one-man-show How starting his own farm created unique challenges for him How Steven found land in urban San Diego and partly uses the barter system to use additional land What he’s looking for in finding property in Chattanooga, TN for his new farm What systems he currently uses and plans on implementing on his new farm Steven’s advise to new farmers What he would go back and tell himself as a new farmer if he could go back in time What compelling pest elimination techniques he uses About the Guest: Steven Cornett’s goal is to teach as many people as he can about regenerative farming techniques and how they can grow healthy food for their family and even make money as a small scale farmer. He combines a myriad of regenerative farming and no-till methods that focus on creating the healthiest soil, plants, and animals possible. His main teaching content can be found on his Youtube channel and website (linked below).


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