S+T+ARTS Residency winner || Urban.Climate.Oasis Milano by Markus Jeschaunig


Markus Jeschaunig joins MEET Digital Culture Center to realize “Urban.Climate.Oasis Milano ” is a project that uses waste heat to create a climate productive and participative prototype to grow micro algea for scientists. Due to its large heat emissions, the data center building – located next to the science partner institution in Rho-Fiera, is the ideal space in which to use waste heat and to create a new scientific and social Climate.Oasis in Milan through a combination of different technologies and disciplines. Trained in architecture and fine artist, Jeschaunig‘s practice deals with relations between humanity and the environment. Inspired by the dynamics and forces of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, he seeks to decipher natural, social, spatial and economic systems resulting in a continuous oscillation of his work between ecology, landscape, urbanism, technology and public space and activism.


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